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LETTER: Sheena Collum Is Visionary Leader Who Fights Tirelessly for South Orange

To The Editor:

I have known Sheena Collum since she was a student at Seton Hall University, when she would show up at Village meetings with a better grasp of the issues facing our community than many of the officials in attendance.

She has been a tireless advocate for the betterment of South Orange every single day since – as an activist, a Trustee and now Village President. I have watched her dive so deeply into complex issues that she knows more than the experts; bring seemingly intractable opposing parties together in compromises that are big victories for the Village; call would-be developers to account for selfish proposals that won’t benefit the community; and demand time and space for every resident’s voice to be heard on any given issue. She is
also the most responsive public official I have ever seen, as anyone who has tagged her in a Facebook comment knows.

Sheena holds herself to the highest standards, fights tirelessly for South Orange and has delivered real results for us, time and time and time again. We are very lucky to have a Village President like Sheena Collum. I am excited to vote for her reelection on May 14, and I ask you to join me in supporting four more years of her visionary leadership.

Matthew Traub
South Orange

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