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Letter: South Orange 2017 Best Team to Promote Sustainable Growth

To The Editor,

This is an exciting time to live in South Orange. Our town in is growing as new businesses and residents continue to make us more of a destination. I believe this growth is good but it should be done in a sustainable way that keeps our town’s character and doesn’t overwhelm our infrastructure.

I am supporting the 2017 Team, Walter Clarke, Steve Schnall, and Karen Hilton because I believe they are the best team to do this.

I first met Trustee Walter Clarke due to his involvement in River Day. His commitment to our local environment and knowledge of how to preserve it as we grow is unparalleled. His expertise and hard work continue to be needed by our town.

In his short time as Trustee Steve Schnall has provided innovative ideas like the SouthNext Festival that have helped bring positive attention to South Orange that has helped us grow and prosper.

I am extremely pleased that Karen Hilton has decided to run for Trustee. She has superbly served our Town on the Board of the Library and demonstrated a continued dedication to public service as the founder of Emerge New Jersey, an organization dedicated to supporting women candidates for public office. I know she will continue this good work as Trustee.

South Orange will be well served by having these three excellent leaders serving us. I urge my fellow residents to vote for this South Orange 2017 team on Row B, Election Day May 9th.

Larry Hirsch
South Orange

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