Maplewood, South Orange Chose Clinton Over Trump by Massive Margin

by The Village Green
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It’s all moot, but the numbers are in for Maplewood and South Orange and they differ greatly from the national results.

The two towns, known for their political liberalism and diverse populations, voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. Maplewood voters cast 9 votes for the former Secretary of State for every 1 vote cast for Donald J. Trump.

In South Orange, the ratio was closer to 8 to 1.

The vote count for Maplewood was 9,940 for Clinton and 1,161 for Trump, with 159 votes for Jill Stein and 120 for Gary Johnson. A smattering of other candidates collected 29 votes.

A number of Maplewood voters did not cast a ballot for President: the Presidential votes in Maplewood add up to 94.8% of voters in the voting booths in Maplewood on Tuesday. See the full spreadsheet from Patrycja Potocka, Maplewood Township Office Assistant, below.

In South Orange, 6,717 votes were cast for Clinton, with 827 votes cast for Trump, 91 for Jill Stein and 89 for Gary Johnson. Other assorted candidates garnered a total of 22 votes. See full unofficial South Orange vote totals below, courtesy of Village Clerk Shinell Smith.

One local resident noted on Village Green’s Facebook page that efforts such as tonight’s “Come Together, Move Forward” meeting at The Woodland should be inclusive of those Trump voters: “[M]aybe you should invite some Trump voters to come and speak and try listening to them. And no I didn’t personally vote for him or her, but according to about 10% of SOMa did so you can find people.”

Maplewood results:

Download (PDF, 245KB)

South Orange results:

Download (PDF, 305KB)




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