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Past & Present Mayors, Vice/Deputy Mayors Endorse Adams & Lembrich for Maplewood Township Committee

Adams and Lembrich Have the Energy, Experience and Expertise to Serve Maplewood

Having each served as Maplewood’s Mayor and/or Vice/Deputy Mayor, we know what it takes to lead and serve our community.  Success requires hard work, knowledge of the issues, the ability to work with Township employees, the willingness to listen to constituents, and the capacity to create solutions and effect change.  Over the past three years, Nancy Adams and Greg Lembrich have done all of this, and they have shown that they have the energy, experience, and expertise to continue to serve on the Maplewood Township Committee.

Nancy and Greg have worked hard to make Maplewood’s streets safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, and to enhance our quality of life by encouraging greater sustainability and better environmental practices in our community.  They have led the way in transforming the Maplewood Police Department, with a focus on community policing, de-escalation, and anti-bias training.  They have also helped to secure increased state aid for our school district, improved communications between the Township and residents, and promoted business growth and responsible development in our town.

Perhaps most importantly, Nancy and Greg have shown the willingness to listen to the needs and concerns of residents and the ability to craft solutions to resolve issues and make Maplewood a better place to live.  We know what it takes to be effective members of the Maplewood Township Committee, and Nancy Adams and Greg Lembrich have proven that they have the work ethic, the understanding of the issues facing our community, and the proven ability to get things done for Maplewood.

Join us in voting for Adams and Lembrich for re-election to the Township Committee on Tuesday, November 6th.

Mayor Victor De Luca

Mayor Fred Profeta

Mayor Gerard Ryan

Mayor Ellen Davenport

Deputy Mayor Frank McGehee

Deputy Mayor Kathleen Leventhal

Vice Mayor Ian Grodman

Vice Mayor David Huemer

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