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Rosner: Smith Can Help Lead the Way to Reach SOMSD Goals

Dear Editor,

I first met Donna Smith many years ago while commuting to NYC.  I came to find out what a thoughtful and caring individual Donna is and was thrilled when she decided to run for the BOE.  In the last three years I have seen how hard she works to improve the schools while being considerate of other board members.  She is dedicated to working with other board members in a respectful way to help our schools achieve new levels.

Donna Smith

The BOE has many issues, and Donna is just the person who can help lead the way to reach the goals we all want for our schools.  There are many challenges including finding a new superintendent.  We need BOE members who have experience in selecting a superintendent as well as BOE members who can work with that person towards making our schools the best they can be.

I fully support Donna in her desire to serve another three years and hope that you will come out and show your support for her.


Mark Rosner
South Orange

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