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Steve Schnall Endorses Sheena Collum for South Orange Village President

To the Editor:

I have worked closely with Sheena for the past 6 years, and I believe her to be the most energetic and tireless individual I know, all directed toward caring for her Community. Her accomplishments in the Village are plenty – from saving the town millions of dollars through the sale and adaptive reuse of the old Village Hall, to directing smart development in our business corridors.

Though the results in these many areas speak for themselves and can be read on Sheena’s website, she demonstrates her leadership in even more important ways. Sheena has established a culture of participation and collaboration – among the government staff and elected officials she has been an active and involved general, as well as a cheerleader for an extremely engaged and involved group of volunteers. She has been at the forefront of many fundraising activities, and has been active and involved in key activist issues. Sheena is dedicated to improving South Orange and having us all be active participants.

An excellent example is how she is leading the town through an inclusive new rollout of the Village Master Plan which has involved every neighborhood and aspect of the entire town. This results in a passion and collective sense of satisfaction, resulting in our town winning several awards including one for Best Downtown in New Jersey.

During the past four years under her leadership I have seen our town reach new heights, and I believe that she is uniquely qualified to continue to lead us to even higher levels. We need someone who has a great deal of knowledge and knows how to communicate and enlist participation to make our collective goals happen. Please show your support and vote on May 14 for Sheena Collum for Village President.


Stephen Schnall

[Editor’s Note: Stephen Schnall is a member of the South Orange Village Board of Trustees.]

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