Trump Won Bigly in SOMa Against Cruz & Kasich, But Got Trounced by Hillz & Bernie

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Following up on the June 7 New Jersey Presidential Primary results: We now have the final tallies from Essex County for both the Republican and Democratic races.

In South Orange and Maplewood, Trump and Clinton won their respective primaries.

Donald J. Trump won by 127 votes over John Kasich’s 53 and Ted Cruz’s 22 votes in South Orange. In Maplewood, Trump garnered 206 votes to Kasich’s 89 and Cruz’s 24.

The numbers for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were a little more robust: In South Orange, Clinton won 2,825 votes to Sanders’ 1,246 (a margin of about 2.26 to 1) . In Maplewood, Clinton won 4,209 votes and Sanders won 1,782 (a 2.4 to 1 margin).

Trump not only received significantly less votes that the Democratic primary challengers, he also received less votes that local Republican Mike Summersgill who is running for Maplewood Township Committee. Summersgill won 264 votes to Trump’s 206.

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