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Vote by April 19 to Help 2 South Orange-Maplewood Gardens Win Grants

Voting ends April 19 to help two garden projects in South Orange and Maplewood make the finals for grants via “Seeds of Change.”

One garden project is Strawberry Fields, the educational garden at Seth Boyden Elementary School in Maplewood. The other is South Orange’s Celebration Garden, dedicated to the late David Adox.

The two are garnering votes to be among the 50 entries with the most votes so that they can “move on to the final judging phase.” Seeds of Change will announce the Top 50 vote-getters on or about Apr 24, 2017. The final grant recipients will be announced on May 8, 2017.

In response to the question, “How would you use this grant to help your community?,” Strawberry Fields applicant Maggie Tuohy replied:

We will offer several free farmers markets at the school for students to bring a few choices from a local farm into their homes. We will educate students on mindful eating and nutrition, and finally we will offer a gardening and cooking class over the summer for parents whose children are in the summer school program. Seth Boyden School is located in Maplewood, NJ. It is a diverse community, both in race and socio-economics, over 50% of the students qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. Seth Boyden’s vegetable garden contains 36 raised beds. With the help of teachers and volunteers, students plant, care for, harvest, cook and eat over 22 different kinds of fruits and vegetables that grow in our garden. We want to bring our farm to table experience into the homes of the families of our school. Learning from their experiences in the garden we want students to educate their families matters of nutrition, sustainability and caring for the earth. We want to create a stronger community.

Vote for Strawberry Fields here:

The second local applicant is The Celebration Garden in South Orange. In response to the question, “How would you use this grant to help your community?” Danni Michaeli replied:

Last year a community member (Michaeli’s husband David Adox) passed away from ALS and neighbors came together to commission a tree be planted in his honor in an unused portion of a centrally located park. Despite his terrible hardship, he was a leader through his spirit of love. A celebration of art was enacted just before his death called ArtBender, where neighborhoods created art for 24 hours, and during ArtBender, a mosaic was created to surround this Tree of Love. It says “surround yourself with friends, not fences.” The town is now allowing us to develop the area around the tree as a contemplation garden. The garden is centrally located in our transitional, diverse community and is not fenced or walled off. It is next to a senior living facility and a public elementary school, and is only a few blocks from the local public library and Seton Hall University.

Vote for The Celebration Garden here:

According to the website, Seeds of Change is “the only true seed-to-plate organic company. Our deep belief in the natural, organic way is reflected in every product we make, as well as in our ongoing support for sustainable gardening and farming practices.” The brand was “founded in 1989 with a revolutionary mission: To make organically grown seeds available to gardeners and farmers, while preserving countless heirloom seed varieties in danger of being lost to the “advances” of modern industrial agriculture. Today, our catalog boasts a rich bounty of vegetable, herb and flower seeds, as well as live plants – all 100% certified organic.”

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