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South Orange-Maplewood Schools Announce Delayed Opening for Feb 13

From the South Orange-Maplewood School District:

South Orange Maplewood Schools will all have a delayed opening Wednesday, February 13, 2019. For delayed opening, Montrose, elementary and middle schools start two hours later than their usually scheduled start times (see schedule below). All CHS students should report to school at 10:00am. If your child usually takes a bus to school, the bus will arrive approximately two hours later than the typical pick up time.  Before-care is canceled at all schools.

School Delayed Opening Start Time
Columbia High School 10:00am
Maplewood Middle School 10:15am
South  Orange Middle School 10:15am
Clinton Elementary School 10:05am
Jefferson Elementary School 10:05am
Marshall Elementary School 10:45am
Seth Boyden Elementary School 10:45am
South Mountain – Big School 10:10am
South Mountain – Annex 10:00am
Tuscan Elementary School 10:45am
Montrose Early Childhood Center 10:30am

South Orange Maplewood School District

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