Maplewood Sees Significant COVID Case Spike, Mostly Among the Unvaccinated

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From Maplewood Township:

Mayor McGehee expressed concern over a rise in Maplewood’s COVID cases during the Township Committee Meeting. According to the mayor, as of July 20, there are 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the township this month.

“This is a significant spike versus our 32 cases in May, and 13 in June,” he remarked. “The main cause is that we are venturing out more, as it is summertime.”  

Unvaccinated individuals made up a large majority, 80%, of the cases. Mayor McGehee emphasised vaccination as a prevention measure, recommending citizens to “Please get vaccinated…Although some of our cases include vaccinated residents, it doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work. It means it’s not 100%, so we all have to be mindful.”

Regarding the age demographics of this month’s cases: 26% are under age 12, 4% are between the ages of 12 and 17, and 70% of those who contracted the disease are over 18 years old. This follows a larger pattern in Essex County, where cumulatively adults over 18 have made up about 87% of cases, with a plurality in their 30s and 40s.    

 Essex County Public Health Guidelines also recommend washing hands often with soap and water, practicing social distancing, and continuing to stay up to date on COVID in your area.    


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