PHOTOS: Scenes from the South Orange Rescue Squad Responding to COVID-19

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From South Orange Rescue Squad, posted April 13, 2020:

Picture 1: SORS EMTs debriefing after another COVID-19 call.
Picture 2: Melanie, one of the SORS EMTs who tested positive for COVID-19. She is still home sick.
Picture 3: Andy, one of the SORS EMTs who has fully recovered from COVID-19 and without hesitation, returned to serving the community.
Picture 4: SORS EMT with facial bruising from the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn for hours while treating patients.
Picture 5: SORS EMTs, who are also parents, leave the safety of their homes and leave their families to respond to help those that need them.
Picture 6: A sight that has become common- all four SORS ambulances out on assignments. In the past week alone, SORS has responded to over 100 EMS calls in South Orange, Maplewood, and surrounding towns. Six of those calls were cardiac arrests.

These photos are a testament to the commitment, courage, and bravery our volunteers show everyday. These selfless EMTs need your help!


We are solely funded by donations. We don’t receive any tax money or bill for the life saving services we provide. These donations pay for the PPE our members use on every call, as well as other expenses such as medical equipment and vehicle maintenance. Please go to to donate (tax deductible)!

No sum of money is too small of a donation and will be greatly appreciated. We also accept donations of opened/unopened PPE. All of which are ultimately used to help your fellow neighbors during what is quite possibly one of the worst moments of their life.

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