VIDEO: Here Come the Trucks! South Orange PD/FD Bring Fun to Kids’ Birthdays Amid Pandemic

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South Orange Police and Fire are providing mini-parades for South Orange kids to help them celebrate their birthdays during a time of social distancing.

“If your child is a South Orange resident, under 10, and having an April birthday, the police and fire departments offer a mini-parade outside your home to keep things festive. This is definitely something Chuck E. Cheese doesn’t offer,” says SOPD Lt. Adrian Acevedo.

No sooner was the program announced earlier this month than 9-year-old Arjun received a birthday parade right outside his window (see video below).

“Thanks, [Village President] Sheena Collum and South Orange Fire and Police department!” wrote Arjun’s mom on her Facebook page. “The police and fire mini parade absolutely made Arjun’s birthday. (Village Green is publishing this story with her permission.) “It was so generous of them to take out the time to spread some cheer.”

Arjun wasn’t the only one to enjoy the show. A neighbor wrote, “Thanks to our first responders for brightening up his birthday and our day, too!”

“It gets harder to impress them as they get older,” said Arjun’s mom, “but he loved it.”

The program is available to any child who is a South Orange resident, under 10, and having an April birthday. Contact Lt. Adrian Acevedo ( to make arrangements.

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