VIDEO: SOMA Intubation Box Project Protects Healthcare Heroes

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The following was posted on Jamie Meier’s LiveLoveLens blog on May 3, and is being reprinted here with her permission:

The people of Maplewood + South Orange, NJ continue to make an incredible difference!

From the SOMA Intubation Box Project’s Facebook post on May 2, “Please email us with any doctor, nurse, or hospital contacts who may be able to help us place boxes where they needed. We have been so grateful for donations which have covered $6000 worth of acrylic. Noah continues to build and we’re doing outreach and scheduling. We have many friends and volunteers helping and we thank you all!! If you are able to donate or volunteering to drive boxes to hospitals please email me directly:”

So what is an intubation box and why are they being made?

I got to talk with Lydia Johnson and Noah Brauner, who started the SOMA Intubation Box Project about one month ago (from South Orange). Please watch this video to learn more about their amazing efforts in providing protection to our healthcare heroes.



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