SOMA People That You Meet — Sandy Rustin Fleischer

by Vanessa Pollock
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People That You Meet” is a series of interviews conducted and posted by the Vanessa Pollock Team/Keller Williams, highlighting residents of the South Orange-Maplewood community and their diverse and interesting lives.

This installment is an interview with Sandy Rustin Fleischer, actress and writer.

What town do you live in?


Where did you live before that?

The Upper West Side, though I’m a Chicago Gal at heart!

What brought you to SOMA?  

We needed some more (affordable) elbow room for our growing family.  Plus some of our nearest and dearest pals had moved here, so we felt like we were moving close to friend family!

What do you do (for a living or as a serious hobby?)

I am an actress and writer. I have a bunch of different balls in the air at the moment, which is always how I like it. This season my play, The Cottage, will run at The Barter Theatre, the state theatre of Virginia, and my play Struck will run at Theatre Raleigh in North Carolina. The awesome cast album for my musical, Rated P for Parenthood, was recently released and the show was just licensed! So I’m looking forward to seeing it start to pop up in theatres around the country next season. (Check out the album, etc on In addition to some new shows I’m working on, I also have a fun new blog I’ve been writing in response to the current political climate at And of course, locally, I’m directing/producing the 2017 North Jersey LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER SHOW! Auditions Feb 11-13, Performances Mother’s Day Weekend, MAY 13th at The Woodland! (Thanks VP TEAM for Sponsoring us again this year!) Keeping busy in 2017!

What’s your favorite feature of your home?

After my younger son graduated from his crib, we turned his little nursery into an office for me.  It’s the messiest room in the house, but it is all mine! I love it so much.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 5 years?

I am currently devouring the Neapolitan Novel Series by Elena Ferrante. I’m about to start the 4th book. They are SO good. They transport me to a different time and place in history. The exploration of a very complicated friendship between two brilliant women is at the heart of all the books and I LOVE them. PLUS the author is a mystery! Nobody knows her true identity!

What’s something that amazes you?

Childbirth. I haven’t gotten over it. I don’t think I ever will.

Mountains or Beach?


Favorite movie?

My Cousin Vinny.  Hands down.

People That You Meet:

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