LETTER: Hilton, Haskins & Brown Have the Energy, Fervor, and Creativity to Lead South Orange

by Dale Favors
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Dear Editor,

It is with excitement that I provide my full endorsement of the Hilton, Haskins & Brown team for South Orange Village Board of Trustees.  I genuinely believe Karen Hilton, Bill Haskins and Bobby Brown will serve the citizens of the South Orange with the same passion and vigor that they bring to everything they are involved in.

As dedicated citizens, business leaders and volunteer youth coaches, these three candidates have constantly proven that they have the energy, fervor, and creativity to move South Orange in the right direction.  They have the aptitude to comprehend the most important issues and identify solutions that will position the Village for growth and prosperity, while maintaining the cohesive sense of community that makes our town unique.  

Bill Haskins’s thoughtful ideas on how best to create an environment that is enriching and pleasant, including the appropriate amount of greenspace for all to enjoy, is critical to the mental and emotional health and development of our Villagers.  Karen Hilton’s strong management skills and proven ability to build coalitions around important projects such as the much-needed enhancements to our public library and community center, is vital to keeping us all engaged and aware of ways to benefit all families.  Bobby Brown’s cerebral approach to leadership, presents the confidence needed to face challenges, review potential solutions and outcomes, while making the pivots needed to move South Orange forward.

The team of Hilton, Haskins & Brown will bring the creativity, compassion and commitment needed to foster a strong working relationship with fellow trustees and identify best ways to ensure things will get done.   I urge you to make the sound choice and vote for this incredibly competent slate of leaders for Village Board of Trustees.

Dale Favors

South Orange, NJ

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