LETTER: Hilton, Haskins & Brown Strive to Make South Orange the Best Town it Can Be

by Richard Stephen Bell
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Dear Editor,

As a 30 year resident of South Orange I have been lucky enough to work with many Trustees, volunteers and administrators. Our Village is built on people who give their time and effort to improve the lives of all residents and to welcome those who visit our town. That is why I am so excited to give my whole-hearted support to the Line B slate of Karen Hilton, Bill Haskins and Bobby Brown.

I have known all three of these candidates for several years, worked with them on community projects and seen them in action as they strive to make South Orange a special place to live. Bobby Brown is as community-minded as you can get. I have had the privilege to serve with him on the Outreach Subcommittee of the Community Police Collaborative. In his role as Chairperson of this essential Village advisory committee, Bobby leads with compassion and determination to address the racial equity and fairness issues that have been brought to the forefront this year. As an attorney and MBA he has the expertise to address all of our issues like equitable development and budget priorities.

Bill Haskins is the fearless leader and Chairperson of the South Orange Environmental Commission. As a Commissioner I have witnessed first hand his expertise and leadership not only on environmental and open space issues, but on all areas like development, equity and budget control. Bill is someone we want guiding our ship as we navigate the years ahead.

I have also worked closely with Karen Hilton, an incumbent Trustee, on park issues for the Farrell Field Park Conservancy. Her expertise in all areas like budget, public safety, development and seniors is invaluable to the Village. I urge everyone to vote Line B on May 11th!

Richard Stephen Bell

South Orange, NJ

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