LETTER: Maplewood Girl Scout Troop 20248 Supports Essex Hudson Greenway

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Editor’s note: This letter was written in support of the Essex Hudson Greenway; read more about the project here.

To the Editor:

Hi, I’m a fifth grade Girl Scout from Troop 20248. We are doing a Bronze Award project, and we want to support the Essex Hudson Greenway. We want to support it because it sounded like it was cool, and that it would help a lot of communities, and create more green space close to home.  We can’t do it on our own though. We need all the help we can get to support it.

The Essex Hudson Greenway will create a great transportation system, and a great place to have fun. You could walk, bike, run, or go bird watching on the greenway. The greenway would be a nearly nine mile long park that would follow an old rail line, creating 135 acres of green space. It would be easy access to Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Bellville, Newark, Kearny, Secaucus and Jersey City. It would go right through these places making it easier and safer to go there by bike or walking. On the website essexhudsongreenway.org it says that, “Repurposed as the Essex-Hudson Greenway, the shared-use path would:

  • Connect people and communities

  • Create a safe, off-road trail to ride a bike, walk, educate, or play

  • Ease traffic and offer active transportation options

  • Create alternate commute options like biking or walking

  • Provide close-to-home, easy access to the outdoors”

Troop 20248 wants you to support the greenway project so that we can have this beautiful green space that is good for a lot of purposes. For more information or to support the project, visit essexhudsongreenway.org. One of the ways you can support it by writing a letter to Governor Murphy. With just a little spare time, you can write a simple letter and help a great thing come to be.

Thank you,


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