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LETTER: Sheena Collum’s Effective, Responsive Leadership Makes South Orange ‘Nirvana’

Before I moved to South Orange from DC just three years ago, one of my good friends called it “Nirvana.” She was spot on. I love where I live now and I especially love our stellar leadership.

I directly credit Sheena Collum, our Village President, with our town’s unusually high quality of life. Through hard work and outright devotion, she’s produced results in areas such as financial management, development and redevelopment, open space, and senior services. That she’s also down-to-earth and approachable, driven and experienced, are just a few of the other reasons I will be voting for her on Tuesday, May 14th.

You don’t have to take my word about what Sheena has done for South Orange; you can head of over to her website (www.sheenacollum.com) and scroll through her accomplishments. Or, better yet, you can talk to her about whatever interests you most either in-person, in the community or online. She’s active and responsive pretty much everywhere.

Sheena makes the most of her time, responding to community questions, concerns and suggestions through email, phone calls, in-person and especially on social media – around the clock. She takes each and every inquiry seriously and embodies what I want from our next Village President. Someone who truly cares about and is committed to my family and my community. Someone who knows my family and my community.

We know who Sheena is: an effective, responsive leader of our town. Our community. Our nirvana.

Mark your calendars and please join me in re-electing Sheena Collum on May 14!

Hannah Zollman,
South Orange

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