Maplewood Millburn Police and Fire

Car Stolen in Maplewood Is Recovered in Millburn After Short, ‘Dramatic’ Pursuit

Photo by Jaleh Teymourian

Police apprehended the driver and recovered a stolen vehicle in Millburn on Tuesday night, March 12, minutes after the theft. Police officers from neighboring Union witnessed an unidentified woman flee with a car which had been left running by the owner on Millburn Avenue in Maplewood. According to Sgt. Joseph Guglielmo of the Maplewood Police Department, “She [the suspect] saw an opportunity and ran with it.”

After a short but dramatic pursuit, culminating in 17 police cruisers lining a quiet Millburn residential street; the suspect was taken into custody without incident by Union police. Maplewood police took possession of the car to return to the lawful owner after processing.

Sgt. Guglielmo cautioned all area residents never to leave their cars running or leave their keys in their automobiles. Last month, the Millburn police department issued a letter alerting residents of a recent rash of automobile thefts and break-ins, advising residents to remove all valuables, including keyless ignition fobs and valet keys, and suggesting they keep their cars locked.

Photo by Jaleh Teymourian

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