Maplewood Police and Fire

Documents: Maplewood Police Incident Reports from July 5, 2016 Post-Fireworks

The following materials were released to Village Green in response to an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for Maplewood Police Department reports and materials related to incidents on July 5, 2016 in Maplewood in which four local youth were arrested.

The materials were withheld from release due to an ongoing investigation; however, the Maplewood Township Committee voted 5-0 on July 18 to release the tapes, stating that, “Despite an ongoing internal affairs investigation by the Maplewood Police Department, the Maplewood Township Committee has decided that it is now time and it is in the public interest to release the video and audio tapes of the events of July 5, 2016. It has been reported to the Township Committee that disciplinary actions have been taken against several Maplewood police officers.”

The police incident reports were released today along with 91 audio police files. The incident reports are available below.

Village Green is presently listening to the audio files. We are working to identify audio with pertinent information which we will then download into a format that can be embedded and shared.

According to the Town Clerk, video from the incident will be available on Friday, July 28. Mayor DeLuca had previously stated that the video would be available on July 31. Video is being delayed as the faces of minors in the video are being obscured before the town distributes the files.

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Download (PDF, 26.92MB)

Download (PDF, 33.61MB)

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