GoFundMe Created to Aid Maplewood Nurse Left Injured & Homeless by Essex Ave House Fire

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Friends of the family who lost their home to an accidental house fire early this morning are helping the family to raise funds and recover from the tragedy.

Rebekah Gale has created a MaryAnne Wiktorowicz House Fire Fund GoFundMe page. Gale’s post on Facebook promoting the GoFundMe reads:

“MaryAnne is ok, but is in the hospital for smoke inhalation. Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. We’re figuring out what to do for donating items for MaryAnne and her family but for now we’ve set up a GoFundMe for the undoubtably tremendous needs.”

The donation page includes more details: “MaryAnne is a nurse who has worked in the community for 40 years. She’s a primary caretaker of her 99 year old WW2 veteran father suffering from dementia who was also injured in the fire. She’s an invested community service advocate for the homeless, human rights, and animal rights. She’s lost her car, house, medical supplies for her dad and her pets have perished. Please pray for their speedy recovery.”

As of Tuesday night, already more than $30,000 had been raised toward a $40,000 goal.

Maplewood Deputy Fire Chief Chris Ariemma reported that the fire was accidental, possibly stemming from a candle on the porch. Firefighters were called to the home around 3:20 a.m. Police had already rescued MaryAnne Wiktorowicz from the house; firefighters rescued two more occupants, both men, who reportedly suffered severe burns.

Visit the GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/maryanne-wiktorowicz-house-fire-fund

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