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Maplewood Fire Department Handled 6,528 Incidents in 2018

Maplewood FMBA L25 is reporting that the Maplewood Fire Department handled more than 6,500 incidents in 2018.

According to the FMBA Facebook page, the department “is proud to post the number of incidents we handled in 2018. The total number was 6,528!” The post continues:

For a town whose average residential property tax is $14,000, can you guess how much of that bill is due to the FD? The answer is a little over $600.

Pretty cost-effective for a Department made up of 43 (currently 40) Firefighter/EMT’s providing two services (Fire & EMS Transport). Both stations are staffed 24/7/365 ready to serve and answer the next call.

The breakdown of incidents is as follows:

  • Fire Calls: 2,360
  • EMS Calls: 1,563
  • Fire Code Inspections: 2,213
  • Smoke Detector Inspections: 392

We look forward to serving the residents and businesses of Maplewood in 2019!

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