Maplewood Fire Department Uses CPR to Resuscitate Man in Cardiac Arrest

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From the Maplewood Fire Department:

Maplewood Firefighter/EMTs responded to [a Burnett Avenue address] on January 24th for the reported witnessed cardiac arrest. Upon arrival, a male was found unresponsive, not breathing and pulseless. Medical aid was quickly rendered as chest compressions and ventilation were started.

As CPR was being performed, a defibrillator was attached to the patient to analyze the heart rhythm. Four cycles of CPR were performed with “no shock advised”. After the fourth “no shock advised,” the patient began breathing on their own and had a strong pulse. Medical aid was continued to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center with medics on board. Shortly before arriving at the hospital, the patient was alert, oriented and able to speak to EMTs and Medics.

Due to the quick response and extensive medical training and experience of the Maplewood EMTs, the patient was able to be revived prior to arriving at the hospital.

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