Maplewood Police: 7 Juveniles Arrested; Burglary on Hilton Avenue

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From Maplewood Police Chief Albert Sally:

June 15th – June 21st

June 15, 2023:  Larceny/Theft:  An unlocked/unsecured Honda Civic was entered and a credit card was removed from the vehicle when the owner parked the vehicle while doing work on a house on Elmwood Avenue.

June 15, 2023:  Burglary: A resident of Hilton Avenue was a victim of a Burglary when unknown actor(s) entered their home through an unsecured/unlocked kitchen window.  The incident occurred between 8PM and 11PM on Thursday evening while the homeowners were not home.  Victim reported jewelry and money was removed from the home.

June 15, 2023:  Suspicious Condition:  A resident of Maplewood contacted the Police at approximately 1:02 PM Thursday afternoon to report four male juveniles with dark hooded sweatshirts and medical masks pulling on car door handles in the area of Forrest Rd and Essex Road.  Patrols responded to the area and located the juveniles on Burnett Avenue.  All four were brought into Headquarters for identification purposes and released to the custody of their parents. Further Investigation is being conducted by the Juvenile Bureau.

June 19, 2023: Larceny/Theft:  A landscaper parked his unlocked/unsecured Dodge Truck on Garfield Road while doing work. When he returned to his vehicle his wallet was missing from the center console.  This incident occurred between 10AM and 11AM on Monday.

June 20, 2023:  Larceny/Theft:  An employee of the Extra Supermarket, located at 719 Irvington Avenue reported her wallet was taken out of her pocketbook by an unknown male.  Video Surveillance shows a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, grey sweatpants and grey sneakers enter the store, walks towards the register, reaches in and removes the wallet from the unattended pocketbook. The unknown male is last seen exiting the store towards Irvington Avenue.

June 20, 2023:  Criminal Trespassing Arrest:  A resident of Northview Terrace contacted the police to report three unknown males walking down his driveway at 12:55AM and looking into the rear windows of his house.  He also reported the males looking into his secured BMW that was parked down the driveway.  Patrols responded to the area and stopped three males with black hooded sweatshirts, that matched the description giving by the caller as well as surveillance footage provided. All males, later determined to be juveniles, were taking into custody.  After investigation on scene by Sgt. Alvarez, Officer Verdun, Officer Alabdalla, Officer Trindad the juveniles were charged with Criminal Trespassing.  Two of the Juveniles were released to the custody of family members and the third male was transported to the Essex County Youth House.

The Maplewood Police Department works hard to protect residents and their property. We are asking that you assist us in this effort by making sure all vehicles and homes are properly secured at all times. All charges are merely accusations. Each suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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