Maplewood Police Release New Details on ‘Road Rage’ Dispute

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Maplewood Police released new details about a possible “road rage” incident at the intersection of Prospect Street and Hilton Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred between two Maplewood women, one driving and one a pedestrian, police said. Both women have reported “non-life threatening” injuries and police have advised both of how to proceed with complaint proceedings.

“…it was determined the incident was a result of a dispute between a pedestrian and a motorist that escalated into an assault,” said Capt. Dawn Williams in a press release. “Both parties involved are adult females and Maplewood residents.”

An eyewitness told The Village Green she saw the driver allegedly assaulting the pedestrian, after words were exchanged about the driver’s speed. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital and released later that night with a concussion, she said.

Here is a copy of the release attached as a PDF.

Download (PDF, 32KB)

Williams said police want to remind residents that “should an improper act by an individual and/or motor vehicle violation be observed, report the incident to the police and do not personally engage with the person that committed that violation.”

She advised residents “when possible” to try to obtain a description of the person involved and the car, as well as a license plate.


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