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Maplewood Police Stepping Up Traffic, Pedestrian Safety Enforcement on Wyoming Avenue

Maplewood Police have placed this flashing message board on Wyoming Avenue as part of a broader pedestrian safety campaign.

In response to complaints and concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety on Wyoming Avenue, the Maplewood Police Department is coordinating with the Essex County Sheriff’s Office to position a message board on Wyoming for several weeks to caution motorists to watch for pedestrians and obey the speed limit.

“I received several messages of concerns from parents whose children either have bus stops on Wyoming or need to cross Wyoming to walk to school,” reported Greg Lembrich, who is the Maplewood Township Committee liaison on public safety.

“They reported that cars were speeding, not stopping for kids in crosswalks, or even driving on the shoulder to pass other vehicles that had stopped at crosswalks.”

Lembrich reached out to Acting Police Chief Jimmy DeVaul to discuss the situation and put him in touch with some of the parents who had experienced the problems first-hand. “The Chief reacted quickly, posting details on Wyoming, adjusting the schedule for the crossing guard, and coordinating additional traffic calming and safety measures with the County,” said Lembrich.

“By all reports, things have already started to improve.”

DeVaul reported, “We are going to move [the sign] around a few times to cover both directions.” The board is currently positioned at Wyoming ave near Ridgewood Terrace.

DeVaul said that officers will conduct traffic details to monitor for vehicles passing school buses and failure to yield to pedestrians. Radar will also be used to enforce speed.

The Maplewood Police Department is also working with the Township Engineer to suggest traffic calming alternatives, although the ultimate decision would rest with the Essex County because Wyoming Avenue is a County road.

“Our efforts on Wyoming Avenue is not only traffic enforcement but to create an awareness that pedestrian safety,” said DeVaul. “This is a top priority for me. Motorists need to slow down and watch for children crossing. We will also be watching closely for vehicles passing school buses with their red lights flashing.”

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