Maplewood Police Warn Residents of Recent Tire, Wheel Thefts

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Maplewood Police are reporting that a series of tire and wheel rim thefts have occurred recently at several locations in the Township between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The thefts have occurred both to vehicles parked on the street and to vehicles parked in driveways.

“We are actively investigating several incidents of this type which have occurred recently,” said Chief Robert Cimino.

Cimino noted that residents should consider using lug locks on their vehicles and motion sensor lighting around their property, be alert to any unusual sounds coming from outside their homes, and — as always — report all suspicious activity immediately to the Maplewood Police Department at 973.762.3400.

A resident of Woodland Road emailed this morning to report that her neighbors’ tires were removed from their SUV at 2 a.m. last night and that other neighbors have had tires stolen or attempted to be stolen on Woodland and on Walton Road recently.

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