Mayor McGehee: Fofana Investigation Remains ‘Top Priority’; ‘All Leads Will Be Exhausted’

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From Mayor Frank McGehee, July 2, 2021:

First and foremost I want to be clear that this is very much an active investigation. There has not been a stoppage, slow down or delay in any efforts to find the actor/actors responsible for this horrific and senseless act.

It is a top priority for the Essex County Prosecutor Office (ECPO) as well as the Maplewood Police Department.

I have been in daily contact with our Chief of Police on this matter.

I have been in nearly daily contact with Hawa and her family.

I have been in frequent contact with Theodore Stevens, head of the ECPO and his team.  As for the information being provided to Moussa’s family, I have reached out to Mr. Stevens and have requested an enhanced cadence even if the information is redundant.

Regarding the investigation itself, the ECPO is using a wide range of channels both physical and technical in their ongoing efforts. I have been assured that “all leads will be exhausted.” And while I recognize that we all want the same thing, justice for Moussa, as well as frequent updates, please understand that neither law enforcement nor I can communicate anything prematurely that would compromise the outcome of this investigation.

Again I want to re-emphasize to the community that we can all do our part by providing any information that we are aware of from the night of June 6th or anything that has been communicated to you about that night. Please call our confidential hotline: 877-TIPS-4EC.

Mayor Frank

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