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UPDATED: Car Takes Down Tree in Front of Stony’s in South Orange

No-one was injured in a car crash outside of Stony’s on Sloan Street in South Orange this afternoon — except for the tree in front of Stony’s. However, the driver of the car was issued a summons for careless driving.

Fire Chief Daniel Sullivan said the occupants of the car were “just a bit shaken up but expected to be OK.” Sullivan also said, “The car took the tree down like a matchstick…. It’s a good thing for the concrete step outside Stony’s — that’s what stopped the car. It would’ve kept going.”

The crash took place during the busy lunch hour when many patrons were visiting Stony’s. Fortunately no one was on the sidewalk at the time.

UPDATED: The following release is from Chief Kyle Kroll of the South Orange Police Department:

This date at approximately 1:00 pm a 79 year old female driver and resident of Rahway was pulling into a Handicap parking spot located on the east side of Sloan Street and directly in front of Stoney’s restaurant when she stated that she experienced leg numbness. As a result, the driver stated she was unable to engage the brake pedal causing her vehicle, a 2016 Honda Civic to jump the curb, strike the handicap sign as well as a small tree and upon impact knocked both to the ground. The tree upon falling, struck the foyer area of the restaurant causing some minor damage.

No pedestrians or patrons of the restaurant were injured during the incident.

The driver and her 75 year old passenger complained of pain and were treated by medical personnel.

The driver was issued a summons for Careless Driving and given a court date to appear for same.

Reporting and photos by Matt Peyton.

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