Maplewood Police and Fire

Report: Suspended/Retired Police Captain Sues Maplewood Township

According to, former Maplewood Police Captain Joshua Cummis is suing the Township of Maplewood, “claiming he was wrongly suspended last month prior to his retirement and not given due process.”

Cummis’s suit was fled August 31, 2017 in Essex County Superior Court.

Yesterday, Village Green reached out to Cummis’s attorney, Charlies Sciarra of Clifton; however, Sciarra has not yet responded to Village Green’s call or email.

Cummis was suspended by the Maplewood Township Committee in August after video and audio tapes were released detailing police actions from incidents post-fireworks on July 5, 2016.

Video showed police officers kicking and punching a handcuffed and prostrate Maplewood teen (that teen, Jason McDougall, has since announced his own lawsuit against the Township). Audio tapes include recordings of Cummis directing officers to move the crowd of teens across the Irvington border. The release of the tapes and police reports provoked outrage in the community and calls to fire Cimino and Cummis.

An investigation of the incidents by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, finalized in the spring, found that there was insufficient credible evidence to prosecute Cummis and former Police Chief Robert Cimino on allegations of racial profiling. (Cimino’s retirement and package were announced yesterday by the Township.) A report by a third party law firm, hired by the Township, is due this month.

The Township Committee extended Cummis suspension in late August; however he took retirement on September 5 with a payment of $37,000 in compensatory time and vacation credits.

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