String of Holiday Season Package Thefts Hits Maplewood Neighborhood

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Maplewood Police reported a rash of recent thefts of packages at various streets in the Maplecrest Park area:

December 21, 2015; Package Thefts; Between 12/21 and 12/22, several packages were taken from homes on Forest Rd, Essex Rd and Plymouth Pl. Some of the items were recovered in Maplecrest Park and were able to be returned to their owners.

December 23, 2015; Package Thefts; Packages were taken from two homes on Midland Blvd and were found in the rear yard of a home on Elberta Rd. The packages were able to be returned to their owners.

In spring, during an earlier string of package thefts, Maplewood Police offered residents tips on how to avoid having their packages stolen.

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