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Swapping? Selling? South Orange Safe Exchange Zone Is the Place to Get It Done

Have you arranged a sale or swap online? Need a safe place to exchange that Hummel figurine for cash?

The South Orange PD has got you covered. South Orange Police Sgt. Adrian Acevedo,Community Relations Bureau, informs us of the following:

The South Orange Safe Exchange Zone was recently set up without fanfare at the side of police headquarters, 201 South Orange Avenue. A photo of the sign is attached, below are the rules.

  • Weapon, drug & drug paraphernalia transactions are not allowed in/at our facility.
  • Police personnel cannot act as official witnesses to the transaction, they cannot give legal advice and they will not settle disputes related to any transactions.
  • Police personnel are not trained or authorized to validate the legitimacy of any transaction, item for sale, or the integrity of any product or goods, or legality of a sale.
  • The South Orange Police Department encourages all residents to engage in such transactions during daylight hours; to always have a cell phone in case of any emergencies; to notify friends or family of the intention to meet to conduct such a transaction; to never invite strangers to the home or agree to meet at a stranger’s home; and to reconsider any transaction with someone who refuses to meet at a Police Department.

The South Orange Police Department has no affiliation with any internet-based marketplace, and will in no way be a party to, associated with, or responsible for any online transactions. Residents participating in such transactions are encouraged to abide by the guidelines set forth by the internet-based marketplace through which the transaction originated and to employ caution at all times. The sole purpose of the establishment of the “SAFE EXCHANGE ZONE” is to provide a safe environment for the exchanging of goods, to occur.

Sgt. Adrian Acevedo can be reached at 973-763-3000 x7802. The South Orange Police building is located at 201 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ.

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