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South Orange-Maplewood Residents to Unite Against Kavanaugh Sept. 4

From SOMA Action and SOMA Citizens United Against Kavanaugh:
SOMA Citizens United Against Kavanaugh will be out in full force at the South Orange Train Station during morning rush hour, this Tuesday, September 4th, (7:20-9:05am) to coincide with the start of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in Washtington.
Protesters will be dressed as Handmaid’s from Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, to symbolize the threat Kavanaugh poses to women’s reproductive rights.  Protesters seek to amplify the fact that the majority of this country does not want this anti-abortion justice confirmed (7 in 10 citizens are opposed to outlawing abortion) and that there is still time to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
In any case, says Michael Paris, one of the “Handmaid” protesters, “we cannot let these hearings go forward without expressing our outrage.  We need to make our voices heard, and change the narrative.  Brett Kavanaugh’s views are too extreme for him to get a lifetime appointment to the Surpreme Court.”
For more information, contact: Alice Hirsch at [email protected]

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