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5th Annual Two Towns Triathlon Has Kids Running, Swimming & Biking to Compete

From the South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs:

The Two Towns Triathlon for Kids took place on Saturday, September 8th.

Children ages 7 through 14 participated in a route that included a swim in the South Orange pool, a bike ride through Meadowland Park and the West Montrose neighborhood, and a run around the Duck Pond. The route distances were shorter for the younger children and longer for the older athletes. This event, now in its 5th year, was great fun for all!  The results for each age group are below.

Ages 7-8 Female/Male
1st Place – Zoe Salsmann/Eliot Wilkinson

2nd Place – Jamie Tarrow/Thomas Hurley
3rd Place – Summer Connell/Blake Waller

Ages 9-10 Female/Male
1st Place – Rosemary Thomasch/Mason Keith
2nd Place – Gwendolyn Butkus/Zachary Bye
3rd Place – Jane McGlinn/Evan Waller

Ages 11-12 Female/Male
1st Place – Molly Hurley/Angus Sim
2nd Place – Sophia Tsioulcas-Sherman/Perry Conklin
3rd Place – Merry McGlinn/Quentin Davis

Ages 13-14 Female/Male
1st Place – Maya Glenn/Max Jarman
2nd Place – Violet Gordon/Daniel Butkus
3rd Place – Sydney Mannion/Will Walsman

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