CHS ’11 Grad Sarah Brauner Wins Economics Award

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Sarah Brauner, CHS '11, courtesy of Sallyportal

Sarah Brauner, CHS ’11, courtesy of Sallyportal

Columbia High School 2011 alumna Sarah Brauner is one of two winners of The Gerald M. Meier Award for Distinction in Economics for her senior thesis. According the Reed College magazine blog Sallyportal, Brauner, who is a Reed 2016 grad, is now headed to Smith College’s Center for Women in Mathematics for a yearlong post-baccalaureate program.

Calling her “math-econ” thesis more “math” than “econ,” Brauner “used sophisticated mathematical modeling to analyze preference theory, the decision-making rationale that is the backbone of microeconomics.” Preference theory evaluates how individuals “make decisions based upon an underlying set of preferences for certain goods,” explained Brauner.

As Brauner attends the post-bac program, she will begin applying for math PhD programs this fall.

Read the full Sallyportal story here.

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