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CHS’s Samori Etienne Ponders ‘Where to Go to College When You Get In Everywhere?’

Samori Etienne, Columbia High School Class of 2017

Samori Etienne is a well-rounded student at Columbia High School. He likes most subjects, plays soccer, is president of the Student Council, and is part of the Parnassian Society. He will graduate in a few weeks.

And like approximately 90% of the seniors at CHS, he plans to move on to college after graduation. He spent the better part of the last few weeks considering which school to attend next.

And like a growing number of CHS students, Etienne was lucky enough to gain admittance to more than a handful of elite schools.

In fact, he got into more than a handful.

These schools include: Amherst College, American University, Boston College, Bowdoin College, Brown University, Columbia University, Franklin & Marshall College, Georgetown University, Haverford College, Princeton University, Rutgers, Seton Hall University, College of New Jersey, Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan College, Williams College and Yale University. He is waitlisted at Harvard University.

Phew. It takes long enough to read those names, much less apply to each of these schools.

What is the secret to Etienne’s success? In addition to studying hard, he applied to a summer program at Seton Hall University Law School called NJ LEEP. He wanted to be a part of the College Application Program. They worked on crafting a personal statement, a resume, researched colleges, scheduled college visits, and even helped him in a “fly-in” program that sought scholarship money to fly him into different schools for visits.

By October, Etienne was working on applications. And he has been reaping the acceptance letters ever since.

Last week was the week when most college seniors tend to send in their deposits, and Etienne was in a frenzy considering his options.

Williams College was the lucky school he chose.

“They flew me in for two weekends. It was a nice view of what the school is like,” said Etienne. Beyond the students and top notch academics, he said he enjoys “the picturesque campus and the nearby mountains” (Williams is in northwestern Massachusetts, near the Vermont border).

Good luck to Etienne and all of our college seniors as they prepare for their next phase of life.

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