Columbia High Grads Make History as 2 of 8 Women Heading Ivy League Newspapers

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Hadriana Lowenkron and Sarah Braka, who were co-editors-in-chief in 2017-2018 of The Columbian — Columbia High School’s award-winning student newspaper, are now both editors-in-chief of their college newspapers.

Lowenkron and Braka, both of whom graduated from CHS in 2018, are celebrated in the article “Eight papers, eight women: The leaders of Ivy League journalism reflect on historic milestone,” in The Daily Princetonian.

Hadriana Lowenkron (left) and Sarah Braka

As the story relates:

For the first time, women hold the highest editorial positions at all eight Ivy League papers.

The path to leadership, and the development of a love for journalism, began well before these women arrived on their respective college campuses. Hadriana Lowenkron and Sarah Braka, editors-in-chief of The Daily Pennsylvanian and the Columbia Daily Spectator, respectively, actually began this journey together.

“I was the co-editor-in-chief of my high school paper with Sarah Braka,” Lowenkron said. “We had a great time and I was very excited to join The Daily Pennsylvanian, which I did in my freshmen fall.”

“It was the highlight of my senior year of high school,” Braka added. “So when I got into Columbia, I started reading Spec articles, and I knew immediately that I wanted to join even before I stepped foot on campus.”

Read the full story here.

Village Green is also proud to report that Lowenkron has been a freelance contributor and assistant editor for this site since her high school days.


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