Columbia High School Film and TV Students Tour UArts, Philadelphia

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From James Manno:

On Wednesday, April 26th, Film, Animation and Television students traveled to Philadelphia to tour University of the Arts (UArts) as part of a Career Exploration Program developed by the Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts, James A. Manno and Film and Animation Teacher Paul Marigliano.

The objective of this project was to provide quality College and Career exploration experiences for media arts students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. Touring UArts in Philly was the second and final event of this career exploration initiative.  Earlier this year students traveled to Asbury Park to attend the Garden State Film Festival’s Career Day where they had an opportunity to network with film industry professionals, including professional stunt people who demonstrated their craft by performing a choreographed high energy fight scene.

At UArts, Columbia High School students had the chance to meet with admissions officers, tour the university facilities, receive feedback and guidance on how to develop their portfolio and complete inquiry cards for follow up.

Present at both events was New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission’s Associate Director David Schoner who was hands-on in connecting Columbia High School to these career-path opportunities for media arts students.

“It’s all about partnerships and pathways for our young people – it’s essential for the future of this industry!”, said Schoner. Manno added,”We nurture talents and grow student skills at Columbia High School.  But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of helping students find their next right fit as networking and mentorship is key for a career in media arts.”

This program was funded by a grant from The Achieve Foundation of South Orange & Maplewood.
Students pictured above:
Mila Jankowski, Elliott Spilberg, Dylan Little, Jackson Paganini, Zach Davis, Hayden Groner, Neve Koonyevsky, Michael McKee, Ciara Rodriguez, Josh Apostolico, Elleanor Fisk, Zamir Weems, Calum Mayberry, Phoebe Williams, Chloe Carlson, Jarrett Jackson, Sara “Sally” O’Sullivan, Zach Sherman, Reese Wolfinger, Zeyad Elshalabi, Cooper Ash, Caspian Dall, Samuel Sundue, Kalina Taylor, Shakur Anuebunwa, Judah Ratner, Finnian Williams, Connor Wynne, Ross Perlman, Audrey Haber, Whitney Cabbagestalk, Lily Phillelo, Jules Mehlman, Natali Mitial, Lennon Ranney, Sophia Van Arsdell, Gage Townsend, Henry Thompson
Columbia High Film and Television Students completing UArts inquiry cards.
Paul Marigliano (Film & Animation Teacher CHS), Susan Skoog (Program Director Writing for Film & Television, UArts), Diane Camina (Television Teacher CHS), David Schoner (Associate Director, NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission), James A Manno (Supervisor Visual & Performing Arts SOMSD), Rich Cutrona (Photography Teacher CHS).

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