From Fishing to Comics, Columbia High School Has Eclectic Clubs for Everyone

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At Columbia High School, there truly is something for everyone. Long known for its eclectic clubs that include film criticism and raising money for menstrual products, CHS also added some new clubs in recent years, including one where you can go fish.

The CHS Fishing Club was started by Zach Doubek ’20 in 2018 with Armaan Jahinger ’20 as a founding member. They hoped to share their passion for fishing with other classmates. The club is now led by Alex Crosby ’22 and Derek Mingmongkol ’23.

CHS Fishing Club members pose with a fresh catch at the Orange Reservoir.

CHS Fishing Club leaders Alex Crosby ’22 and Derek Mingmongkol ’23 at the Club Fair.

According to Crosby, Fishing Club members meet every other week in room A301 for informational sessions. “We do visuals on knot tying, fishing in different conditions, and targeting certain fish,” he explained. “We also go fishing most weekends at the Orange Reservoir.”

Crosby shared that while it was difficult to meet during a year of distance learning, the club “had a few virtual tournaments and merch, and some members met up at local lakes.”

The club is “much more active” this year, however. Weekly fishing excursions provide members with the opportunity to meet new people and practice their hobby, all while spending meaningful time outdoors. Crosby believes this immersion in nature is one of the best parts of fishing. “Being able to clear my mind and stay calm is one of [my favorite] parts of the hobby and club,” he shared.

The Fishing Club is currently holding a fundraiser for non-perishable goods called “Fill The Net.” Members hope to collect 1,000 donations by December 22, which can be dropped off in room A301 at Columbia High School.

In addition to fishing, CHS students can explore their unique passions through outlets such as the Comics Club. This club was co-founded by twins Ell and Sasha Rojer ‘22, who hoped to foster their artistic passions in a supportive, collaborative environment. “During club time, we all draw,” Ell Rojer shared. “Whether that is just doodling or working on portfolio pieces, everyone in the club gets to be creative in a safe space. We exchange art critique, discuss new animated media, and chat about our favorite artists and their techniques.”

Members of the CHS Comics Club at an outdoor meeting.

Sasha Rojer ’22 shared that their “favorite part about the club is how every member is dedicated to art and creativity.” Rojer continued, “There are always people bouncing ideas off each other, getting critiques, or drawing something beautiful. It’s so inspiring and fun, and an amazing way to end the day.” Club members are enthusiastic to experiment with dynamic, interactive meetings this school year. They are currently planning group trips to nearby art museums for 2022.

After a year of virtual learning, it’s critical that students have an outlet to meet new people and foster their passions. With an eclectic range of clubs focused on everything from fishing to doodling, CHS provides all students with this opportunity.

Courtney Plaza is a member of the Columbia High School Class of 2022.

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