Jefferson School 4th Graders Explore Mindfulness Through Winter Solstice Activity

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The following is from Kate Scasso

The students in Mrs. Scasso’s fourth grade class at Jefferson School celebrated the Winter Solstice with a found nature activity, which brought together the worlds of art, citizenship and mindfulness. First, the students learned the meaning behind mandalas and their origin.  They then took a walk outside to find natural objects such as, rocks, leaves, and branches, to create their unique pieces of art.  After they were done creating, they observed their artwork and reflected on the experience.  

The following are some student reflections: “Making the mandalas was calming and interesting because every mandala was different and beautiful.  I want to do it more often and with different materials.  It was so fun?”  “The mandalas make me feel like life is a circle because of the symmetric vibe.” “Mandalas made from nature remind me that everyone is different, just like our thumbprints, and it reminds me of meditation.”  “The mandalas showed me that you can do art anywhere, and there is more to nature than just leaves and trees.” Scasso’s class is familiar with the concept of mindfulness and start each day with meditation.  “There was so much joy and camaraderie felt during activity! I was truly moved.”




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