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From Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel

TSTI’s Preschool remains beloved in the community because of its dedicated staff and families. Creating nurturing spaces where children can learn and grow draws families to the school year after year. Because the school values emergent, child-motivated curriculum, every class explores topics that are identified by the children’s passions.

When teachers Sandy Faust and Lauri Rothstein learned that their Pre-K students were interested in space, they were over the moon. Utilizing a multi-sensory approach, they gathered materials and resources to fortify their students’ interests.

Through science projects around gravity and temperature, creating models of planets, hearing stories of space exploration and scientific data, the children were delighted and inspired. The children carried the theme to outdoor play, creating games and imaginative play that incorporated the themes from the classroom. It also allowed them the opportunity to appreciate the resources of our own planet, and the need to take care of it. They were so immersed in space, they didn’t even realize all of the important skills they were learning along the way.

The values and educational philosophy ground TSTI’s Preschool with best principles while encouraging every student to soar. Every child and every family finds that there is a space for them within the community. The preschool creates a world of care and support unlike any other.

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