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Letter to the Editor: Baker and Jones for BOE


We’re enthusiastically supporting Elizabeth Baker and Maureen Jones for the South Orange Maplewood Board of Education. What impresses us most about them is their optimism and vision for the future, their intelligence, and their thoughtfulness about the issues.

Every election, whether for school board or President, illuminates issues that are challenging and important. This school board election is no different. The new board will be responsible for choosing our new superintendent and ensuring the successful implementation of district and state initiatives. Success should be determined not just by test scores and data, but by transparency, communication, debate, and always with the best interest of the child remaining the highest priority. Elizabeth and Maureen have the qualities and skills to help us manifest our vision for success.

Both Maureen and Elizabeth will bring professional experience to our district. As a speech language pathologist and educator who’s worked in the public schools, Maureen knows the challenges of supporting and engaging every child, and she understands how teachers, parents, and administrators can work together to make this happen. Elizabeth’s work as an attorney, with experience in financial oversight, negotiations, and governance, will help our Board ensure that our budget and programs are aligned with our priorities, that we are maximizing the educational benefit of every dollar we spend, and that we are learning from feedback in real time.

We urge everyone to vote for Elizabeth Baker and Maureen Jones on November 4th Maplewood School Board.

Mary Barber and Alan Roseman


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