Letter to the Editor: Pai, Eastman and Freedson Have Experience, Track Record

by The Village Green
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This November’s school board election is critical. Three slots are in contention. I am enthusiastically supporting Madhu Pai, Wayne Eastman and Peggy Freedson to fill those slots.

As a mother of two students in the district, my primary concern is that they are exposed to material that makes them think — and prepares them to achieve their goals. Pai, Eastman and Freedson have the experience, track record and mindset to ensure that our district maintains its high standards and support for all students.

In their years on the board, Eastman and Pai have shown their commitment to serving students of varied backgrounds. Eastman — a Harvard educated business school professor — and Pai — a marketing executive in large advertising firm— have also worked hard to hold down taxes.

Freedson, running for the first time, brings pedagogical know-how to the team. She holds an education degree from Harvard, is on the education faculty at Montclair State University and has teaching experience in Los Angeles, the second biggest public school system in the country.

At events I’ve attended, these candidates have displayed remarkable intellectual vigor and eagerness to find common ground among educational factions. They have a serious appreciation for how to nurture our children’s minds based on solid science, not educational fads. And importantly, they support maintaining a variety of advanced courses in science, math, and other subjects.

All three also have deep respect for talents of all stripes. These incredibly creative individuals are continually coming up with innovative solutions for meeting the needs of all children in our beautifully diverse community.

Ingrid Wickelgren

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