Letter to the Editor: Pai, Eastman & Freedson Are the Leaders We Need

by The Village Green
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To the Editor:

Some elections are about change and some are about experience. This year, more than ever, the Board of Education election is critically about experience and the three candidates with the experience and leadership we need are Madhu Pai, Wayne Eastman and Margaret (Peggy) Freedson.

With a new Superintendent for the District, a new Principal at South Orange Middle School, a new interim Principal at South Mountain School and so many other changes underway we need proven leadership with the appropriate experience and historical context to steer our District for the next three years. Madhu, Wayne and Peggy are the leaders that we need.

Madhu Pai is an Executive with expertise in Communications who has served us well on the BOE for the past three years by ensuring fiscal restraint while still striving for the best education for all kids. She has worked collaboratively with her colleagues, District staff, administration and parents to make solid decisions and tough choices to ensure we utilize our limited resources most effectively.

Wayne Eastman is a Harvard-educated professor of business ethics and business law at Rutgers Business School who has provided strong and effective leadership as the Board President. He excels at building consensus among the Board, while bringing operational excellence and vision which is so critically important for our success.

Dr. Peggy Freedson is a Harvard-educated professor who has years of deep expertise in curriculum and literacy education that will greatly benefit our District. Peggy is passionate about excellence in teaching which will benefit our teachers and students alike. In addition, she is one of the most approachable people I know and she will listen and respond to the concerns of all parents.

Having served on the South Orange Board of Trustees for six years, I know firsthand how challenging and time consuming it can be to learn the intricacies of the complex issues a Board member faces. Now, more than ever, we need proven leadership and experience for our school district to continue the positive progress being made. I hope you will join me in my enthusiastic support for Madhu Pai, Wayne Eastman and Margaret (Peggy) Freedson for Board of Education in the election on November 3.

Michael Goldberg
South Orange

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