Letter to the Editor: Pai Puts Needs of All SOMSD’s Children First

by The Village Green
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On November 3rd, I will proudly vote for Madhu Pai for South Orange Maplewood School Board, and I encourage you to join me.

Madhu is among the most sensible board members we currently have. She always approaches issues with thoughtful questions that show how she puts the needs of all of our children first – always.

She is a great collaborator and communicator. She has advocated to have the district to focus on communications and outreach as priorities.

Madhu has been a vocal advocate for serving the needs of ALL students. She has pushed the district to pay equal attention to the growth of struggling African American and Special Education/G&T students, and brought attention on the need to better educate boys in our district.

Her fiscal responsibility shows a commitment to holding Administration accountable for more rigorous budget development, and a commitment to ensuring the rich diversity of our community remains intact.

Of particular interest to me, Madhu has been a tireless champion of the Seth Boyden community. During the last budget season, she advocated for the district to focus resources toward the great need at Seth Boyden. She gets Seth Boyden. As a current Seth Boyden parent, this means the world to me.

Madhu’s vision for the Access and Equity policy is what the district needs to move forward. Her thoughtful approach toward empowering Administration and holding them accountable is the right approach to get the important work ahead done.

There is enough ‘new’ in the district given nearly every key Administrative post has someone new in it. We have had enough turnover, and need consistency at this critical time. We need Board members with the right leadership experience and passion to make our district great.

We need Madhu Pai on the board for three more years!


Bethany A. Joseph, LMSW, MPH

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