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Lion King Jr. comes to Seth Boyden School this weekend, May 18 – 20

It’s going to be a miserable rainy weekend! You know where it’ll be dry and fun? The Seth Boyden Elementary auditorium, performing Lion King Jr!

It is quite the production – the students in the cast have participated in an amazing year-long musical performance elective class, taught by Kelly Heinze, to learn the important aspects of theater performance, using MTI’s Lion King Jr as a base. During the year, they developed their roles and even special storylines and narration.  A group of chorus students and ‘animal extras’ joined the fun after school to build an amazing show.  The students in the art classes and during recess assisted to build the wildebeest masks.  A group of students, some from the engineering elective class, joined as stage crew and now run the curtain, spotlights, props, and even the sound/digital music show cues with QLab.  Ms Regina Bradshaw from MMS assisted them in the complex singing arrangements (some of it is in Swahili, Zulu, and Xhosa).

Along with Kelly and the students, the parents of the cast led by Amy Goring pulled together a dream team of artistic folks to build incredible costumes (Catherine Martinez used Materials for the Arts in NYC), hand-made masks and animals with Petra Pankow, cool set pieces (painted foam ‘cave rocks’ from a museum exhibition!) and even digital imaging and animation projected in the background, by pros Liz Blazer and Peter Vaughan. The kids assisted as the families held ‘blitzes’ on Sundays to get us together for sewing, cutting, plastering, and painting, and it made our hearts warm to see everyone so motivated to help.

Performance dates – doors open at 6:30, get there early, pre-show at 6:45, and doors close promptly at 7:

Friday May 18, 7pm

Saturday May 19, 7pm

Sunday  May 20, 2pm

Tickets are $10, sold online or at the door:

Don’t miss it!

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