Lydia Johnson Dance School Announces Summer 2022 Preschool/ Kindergarten Program, Dance Camp, and Teen Internships

by Lydia Johnson Dance
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From Lydia Johnson Dance

Creative Ballet: Dance to the Music (outdoors with masks) for Preschool and Kindergarten.

These joyful classes for 3.0-5 year olds will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30-10:30 am outdoors on the lawn or patio at Burgdorff the following 3 weeks. July 11-15/ July 18-22 /July 25-29 

(Register for 1, 2 or 3 weeks)

These hour long Creative Ballet classes include ballet basics and the introduction of ballet sequences which move through space. Classes will introduce very young dancers to a wide range of music by encouraging their natural impulse to dance! From upbeat jazzy tunes to great ballet composers, our preschool and kindergarten dancers will experience music in a child oriented and imaginative way. Classes will include the basic story lines of ballets by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Aaron Copeland. 

Dance and Choreography Camp 2022 (inside the theater with windows open & masks/ some activities outdoors) for 6th through 10th grades.

Our acclaimed dance program for rising 6th graders through early high school students and will meet Monday through Friday from 9:00am –12:00pm in the theater and outdoors at Burgdorff the following 2 weeks: 

July 18-22 /July 25-29. (Register for 1 or 2 weeks) 

This unique program includes a daily dance technique class (Ballet barre and Contemporary center combination) outdoor snack time, and a full in-depth Choreography Workshop. Each year students at this esteemed camp find their own niche and blossom with confidence as they learn to experience the art of making their own dances. Because choreography is explored from a structural perspective, with serious consideration given to compositional elements and choice of musical, dancers of every level can create sophisticated and evocative dances. This creative, fine arts approach is an alternative to commercial dance education. The program is known for its warmth, and non- competitive approach. LJD’s professional dancers will be with us as Guest Artists showing excerpts of Lydia’s work as well as teaching special classes and workshops.   

Teen Summer 2022 Internships for High School students

As always, we are happy to invite interested teens to apply to be Dance Camp Interns who assist in classes, help with snack time and who also choreograph together a special dance to share with the students! Interns are paid a stipend as they learn leadership skills while expanding their own dance and choreography range. The warmth, talent and great spirits of our groups of Interns are well known!

For more information:

Lydia Johnson Dance is the Dance Company in Residence at The Burgdorff Performing Arts Center. As a not-for-profit, LJD gives $20,000 annually in scholarships to local children. LJD donates free performances to the community as part of their mission and the Maplewood Arts & Culture programs, most recently in July 2021.  

 “Johnson is adept at capturing the beauty and pathos in music—her musical choices are well-considered, and it’s clear that she really “feels” the emotion contained in the notes. She translates harmony and texture into a narrative of human intimacy and empathy.” Marina Harss / The New Yorker /2019

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