Maplewood Middle School HSA Thanks Teachers, Staff With Winter Lunch

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Every winter and spring, the Maplewood Middle School Home and School Association hosts luncheons for the teachers and staff. Parents sign up to bring in ready-made dishes — or whip up fresh meals and desserts.

This year, the delicious aromas of the Winter Faculty Lunch emanating from the library could be detected as far away as the main office, making it pretty easy for a visitor to find the location of the luncheon.

“They love it!” said HSA member Chrissy Hummel who worked to organize and staff the luncheon with many others including Bridget Brown, Kathryn Beebe Reilly, Kim Miller and Laurie Reyes. Hummel and the other volunteers also made it clear that they were getting as much enjoyment out of hosting as their guests were getting from being fed and feted.

But don’t take our word for it: As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! (Click on any image to start a slideshow.)

Interested in getting involved in the MMS HSA? Visit the website here:

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