Marshall School Celebrates Field Day With Dr. Seuss

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The learning was fully integrated at Marshall School today, as kindergarten through second grade students enjoyed a field day of physical activity based on their favorite literary activity — Dr. Seuss books.

Physical Education teacher Eric Dunn explained that it was all about the cross-curricular mission of the professional teams at Marshall School, where the combination of social, emotional, intellectual and physical education is a continuous effort. Marci Grosholz, Marshall’s other P.E. teacher reinforced Dunn’s statement, saying that this Field Day, in particular, was all about “combining literacy and movement.”

Both Dunn and Grosholz, as well as principal Bonita Samuels, were eager to credit media specialist Janine Guida Poutre for helping to craft the Seuss-based physical activities. At one station, children knocked down trees (inspired by The Lorax). At another, they jumped through hula hoops (a nod to If I Ran the Circus). At yet another, the children jumped in sacks meant to signify The Cat in the Hat’s favorite head gear.

Students also wore special Field Day t-shirts. Samuels said that 80% of the student body purchased the shirts, proceeds from which are going toward the Jefferson Playground Project. Samuels said that the Marshall PTA also purchased shirts for all staff,  including administration, teachers, and aides.

Click on any image below to view a slideshow of photos from Marshall School Field Day 2015.


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