Mazzocchi at Words Bookstore May 5 With ‘The Music Parents’ Guide’

by The Village Green
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Anthony Mazzocchi

Anthony Mazzocchi

Words Bookstore is hosting a night of music and writing about music instruction at 7:30 p.m. on May 5, featuring author, Grammy nominee and former South Orange-Maplewood School District Director of Fine Arts Anthony J. Mazzocchi and celebrating the release of his book The Music Parent’s Guide.

All music educators who attend will receive a free book, and there will be a live performance by the Montclair State Trombone Choir (Mazzocchi is currently Associate Director of the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University). Mazzocchi is also donating 500 copies of the book to the South Orange-Maplewood School District.

The book, published by Wharton Music Center, is a 47-page resource book provides practical, step-by-step instructions for parents with little or no musical experience who want to support their child’s interest in a musical instrument. Instructions and tips include:

  • Helping pick your child’s instrument
  • Forgetting the “musically gifted” gift
  • Understanding that any child can become a good musician
  • Interacting productively and constructively with your child’s music teacher
  • Teaching your child that learning to play an instrument develops strong character traits
  • Recognizing through listening whether your child is practicing correctly

“During my time as a teacher, administrator, and professor, I have been fascinated by the fact that so many students are interested in playing a musical instrument, yet one year later most quit,” said Mazzocchi in a release. “I spent a lot of time contemplating teacher and student education, but when I began writing a blog for music parents in my district in order to educate them about helping their child learn an instrument, the attrition rate reduced dramatically! That was the inspiration for the book.”

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